September 2021: MollyWagz Pet Boutique

Mollywagz pet boutique

2925 Dundas St W. | (416) 546-9249


“We have the best jobs. I can’t imagine anything better!” – says Michele Reynolds, owner of family-owned Junction business MollyWagz Pet Boutique. Of course, it’s impossible to have a bad day when your clients are always delighted to see you and all they need is a snuggle or a butt scratch. So Michele and her daughter Logan Reynolds are happy to oblige. But how does one realize such a passion as they begin this “Life – Act 2”? – as Michele puts it.

In 2018, Michele looked back at the happiest moments of her life so far and couldn’t think of a single one that did not feature a loveable dog, often accompanied by a trouble-making feline sidekick. Her family has shared a home with many furry, feathered, scaly fosters, rescues, and family members. So it is no surprise that her two furless (now adult) children grew up with a deep and long-lasting connection to animals – a relationship that inspired the creation of MollyWagz. 

When young, Michele’s son could not help but bring home every critter in need that he came across. Once, it was a pair of robins that were so young that they had no feathers and their eyes had not yet opened. Construction displaced their nest and left them to fend for themselves. When he could not reunite the robins with their mother, he gave them a home with his own family, learning how to feed them (every hour), bathe them, and teach them how to fend for themselves until eventually they could fly from the proverbial nest. Logan, meanwhile, was born with a fantastic gift. From a young age, she was able to understand and read animals. They seemed to gravitate towards her. Logan had a calming effect with them, never without an audience listening intently and quietly to her one-sided conversations. It was heartwarming to witness, Michele says. Ultimately, it is the crazy and messy adventures (be sure to ask for the full stories!), and the fun and love shared between the three of them and their fur babies that inspire Michele every day since opening MollyWagz in 2019. MollyWagz was created out of love in honour of their gentle, sweet, and loyal Newfoundland named Molly, who filled their hearts and home with unconditional love until they lost her in 2017. Molly will forever be missed.

Michele wants to share that love with the rest of the Junction. At MollyWagz, they carry all your canine and feline family members’ needs, and if they don’t already have it, they will be sure to get it for you. They strive to provide fun, unique, and safe toys, as well as a wide range of limited-ingredient treats, beds, and accessories in every price range. They have something to make even the pickiest paws and parents happy. They provide healthy, whole, and local food options that suit every need and Canadian-made items produced ethically, naturally, and sustainably. They don’t carry anything that they wouldn’t eat or use themselves! “I can honestly say that most foods, treats, supplements and shampoos have been tried and tested by at least one of us,” remarks Michele with pride. She welcomes you to come on in and check out their options and try some samples. Logan, currently completing her education in animal nutrition, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. As we know, she has a way of communicating with paws that makes her the perfect fit at MollyWagz to assist you. And if they don’t know the answer immediately, they are sure to get it for you – having an extensive network of professionals in all areas. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that MollyWagz Pet Boutique has been a fantastic addition to our Junction neighbourhood. Be sure to visit them at 2925 Dundas St W or check out their website or Instagram. Michele and Logan are happy to see you! In Michele’s own words: “It’s impossible to have a bad day when surrounded by puppy love. It’s a natural, organic, and free anti-depressant!” 


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