Self-Screening Tests for Businesses Available

The Toronto Region Board of Trade’s supply of rapid tests is now back in stock, and they are resuming distribution of these kits. Small and medium-sized businesses (those with 150 employees or fewer) in Toronto, see below to order rapid screening kits for COVID-19.


  • For businesses with over 150 employees, please order directly from the Ontario government portal.
  • For businesses outside of Toronto, please order through the Chamber of Commerce in the municipality your business is located. The list of rapid test distribution programs by chamber is available here.
  • Requests for screening kits for use in educational and childcare settings should be directed to the following email addresses:
    • Private schools:
    • Public schools:
    • Private colleges:
    • Childcare:

Order Rapid Screening Kits

  • Fill out the “Order Self Screening Tests” form.
  • Each company should assign a Screening Supervisor Designate who will be the contact person. Attest that you have watched the training video – Watch the training video.
  • The number of boxes of tests you receive will be automatically calculated based on the number of employees you provide in the order form (enough rapid screening kits to test employees twice a week for four weeks will be provided).
  • Once your order is received, your pick-up time will be confirmed via email by the Toronto Region Board of Trade. Orders can be picked up at your choice of available City of Toronto facilities.
  • If you have multiple businesses, please fill out one form per business.
  • If you have one business with multiple locations, please fill out one form covering all locations.

Please follow the guidelines on disposal included here. Initially, we recommend retaining your kits as the Ontario Government and its partners work to develop additional disposal options for businesses.

Further information and FAQs can be found here.

Order Self Screening Tests

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