December 2020: Arts Market

Arts Market 2978 Dundas St W


Arts Market is a space for Toronto creatives to show off and sell their work. The stock is carefully curated to include a variety of talented individuals’ works, from vintage fashion collections to homemade hot sauces.

Arts Market was conceived by owner Daniel Cohen 9 years ago. After spending seven years of his life backpacking and selling his art, upon his return to Toronto, he realized that the potential to show off your work as an artist was limited beyond painting and music.

 Daniel wanted to create a friendly space accessible to a variety of artists – those who only work part-time or need a launching point to begin selling their work. The original location was hosted at 1114 Queen St. E, now closed.

The current locations include Riverside, and the lovely Junction location, hosting a total of 150 artists. The Junction location opened in June of 2019 and has been a hit in the area ever since. A two-floor space with a basement full of eclectic, fascinating vintage, Arts Market is a go-to spot for gifts for anyone in your life.

The Junction was the perfect place for the newest addition to the Arts Market family, as Daniel feels the area is “a well-oiled machine, a great family neighbourhood, and everyone who lives in the area loves it.” As an experienced business owner, Daniel’s advice to those aspiring to open up shop in the area should “stay grounded, be flexible, and have empathy.”

At the Junction location, Daniel feels they’re fortunate for how smoothly things have been running since the beginning of COVID-19. With plenty of support from the area, Arts Market has been able to comfortably transition into a business model that allows them to stay true to their vision while following COVID-19 procedures. 

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to check out their website at to find all current vendors on social media and online.  

Riley Wiley, Journalism Intern, The Junction BIA

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