The Junction Beautification Team

Beginning in July of 2019, The Junction BIA designed and implemented a Beautification Pilot Project, in partnership with the Keele Community Correctional Centre – a facility that houses parolees in the midst of rehabilitation. A team of 2-3 spend approximately 12 hours a week cleaning up the streets and boosting the Junction’s appearance. 

While working for the community, our teams clean up litter, broken glass and cigarette butts; clear graffiti from public and (occasionally) commercial property; remove posters and stickers from light poles; install decorative flags for events; remove staples from public message boards; and report on a variety of area/asset issues. This year, in 2020, they also clean and sanitize the 4 public parklets set up as a part of the CafeTO program. 

The BIA is happy to be able to offer employment to parolees in our neighbourhood and help them successfully reintegrate while giving them an opportunity to give back to the community.

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