September 2022: Pi Co. Pizza

Pi Co. Pizza

2862 Dundas St W

While the Pi Co. Pizza franchise began six years ago in Toronto, it only arrived in the Junction in 2020. That’s when Maegan and Goran Bjelajac decided to bring the company’s famous combination of fast, high-quality, made-to-order Neapolitan pizzas to the neighbourhood.

Opening a business during the pandemic wasn’t easy, but the Bjelajacs succeeded by thinking of creative promotions that would appeal to the community, such as a “kids pizza” special. It makes sense why ideas like this were a big success; they came from personal experience! As a family with a young child, the Bjelajacs know how important it is to have quick, delicious food available, especially on busy, activity-filled school nights! Seeing that the area lacked suitable options, the couple was attracted to the Pi Co. franchise because their vision for the neighbourhood food scene meshed perfectly with the company. Pi Co.’s philosophy combines fast food’s convenience, efficiency, and price with the quality you would get at a restaurant. In fact, Pi C.o is so fast you can create your own personalized pizza in just 2 minutes! 

With over 52 toppings available, there are thousands of possible combinations of pizzas for you to choose from. So even if it isn’t your first pizza, you can still have a completely new experience. Although, before you get too excited, Pi Co. recommends just 4-6 toppings per pizza. This flexibility also makes Pi Co. perfect for even the pickiest of eaters! This is another nice thing for a young family, as children are sometimes known to be somewhat “selective” with food.

One of Maegan and Goran’s motivations for entering the business community is that they love meeting and connecting with their neighbours. Owning a popular pizza franchise provides a pretty good opportunity to do that! One local business they’ve connected with is Issan Der, which has become one of the family’s go-to Thai restaurants. In their free time, Maegan and Goran enjoy spending time with family and travelling when their busy schedules allow. Most recently, they went to Morocco for a wedding!

With Pi Co.’s innovative brand and Belajac’s passionate, community-centred approach, it’s easy to see why their junction opening was such a big success. So come discover one of the Junction’s newest pizzerias and learn why “let’s have pizza” will never mean the same thing again after eating there.

You can keep up to date with Pi Co.’s tasty offering and any new specials on their Instagram page here. 

Written by: James Watson   

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