Robbery Prevention Tips for Business

Robbery prevention

Robbery is a crime that targets both people and businesses. Reduce the risk of personal injury and increase the potential of bringing the culprit(s) to justice.


  • Ensure that windows are not covered over by signs or merchandise.
  • The store cash register should be located so as to allow a clear view for passing motorists, pedestrians and police patrols. In the event of a robbery, a store employee will be able to note the car’s description and direction of travel.
  • Notify the police if suspicious persons hang around your place of business. Be especially alert at opening and closing times.


  • The interior, exterior, front and rear of a business premise should be well illuminated to deter potential robbers from hiding in shadows or poorly lit areas.

Video Equipment

  • If your business is equipped with a video camera ensure the system is working. Regularly clean and inspect the video equipment and change the video tape every week. Ensure proper camera alignment of the cash register and/or doorway area

Money Handling

  • Do not keep large amounts of cash on the premise
  • Use a drop safe or night deposit. When making night deposits have someone with you, stagger your delivery times and DO NOT carry money in sight

During a Robbery

  • Remain Calm
  • Obey the robber’s commands
  • Do not antagonize the robber
  • Consider all firearms to be loaded
  • Look at the robbers – notice details to aid you in describing them and their mannerisms. Note age, weight, height, clothing, tattoos or scars
  • Take note of the weapon
  • Watch the direction the robbers take – if they use a vehicle, try to note the licence plate number

After a Robbery

  • Call the police immediately! Dial 9-1-1
  • Give your name, telephone number and the address of the hold-up
  • Give a description of the suspect(s), direction of travel, and a licence number if a vehicle was used
  • Advise whether or not weapons were used
  • Protect the crime scene. Keep customers or other employees away from the area of the store where the robbery occurred
  • Ask witnesses to wait until the police arrive
  • Lock the door until the police arrive
  • Do not touch anything
  • Save any notes that were used – do not handle it or let others handle it
  • Co-operate with the police


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