Restaurants: Are You Participating in CaféTO?

We are excited to share that Toronto City Council has just approved a bigger and better CaféTO 2021 program to help local restaurants. Estimated launch: May 15. Again, The Junction BIA will work with the City to create multiple curb lane closures to accommodate patios for our local restauranteurs and visitors.

The CaféTO program was implemented in July 2020 by the City of Toronto in partnership with The Junction BIA. The program allowed our businesses to create a patio space for patrons while building increased foot traffic to support the entire business community. Read more here about how the CaféTO 2020 program was a great success!

IMPORTANT! All F&B Business Owners are expected to complete the following form to indicate whether they plan to participate in the CaféTO program or not this summer. To those of you who could not participate last year, please complete the form regardless and we will do our best to find another solution for you. Complete the form by Friday, February 19.

PLEASE NOTE! The City will create no curb lane closure without the approval of the BIA. You must complete the form so that we can factor you into the plans.

Next Steps:

  1. Peruse through some inspiring ideas around patio design, begin brainstorming, and think about reserving your outdoor furniture and landscaping.
    • Note: Built structure and decks will be allowed this year, where applicable! Specific guidelines and specs will be released with the registration. 
    • Note: Furniture suppliers ran out early last year. Some suppliers are already reporting a decrease in volume. Take a look at our List of Suppliers and consider reaching out early. 
  2. Download and complete these insurance documents.
  3. Complete the CafeTO Registration – Opens in the last week of February.
  4. Book a meeting with The Junction BIA to scope out the site and brainstorm brilliant ideas! We’ll be in touch to set this up. In the meantime, this early draft map might give you an idea of the space available.

Remember, if you want your patio to be more successful, it helps to invest in a unique patio design and work to activate the space throughout the day, not just at night. It is unacceptable to leave the area inactive.  Let us help you to program the space more effectively day & night.

The City is making a considerable sacrifice in allowing us to use the street. The program costs include $987,000 for curb lane closure equipment, traffic plans and other operational needs; $775,000 in revenue loss for waived patio fees; and $2,500,000 in revenue loss for lost on-street parking.  Therefore, the average cost to the City for a curb lane patio is $5,000!

We look forward to working with you to create an outstanding patio experience in the Junction this summer!

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