Online Auction Terms + Conditions

Online Auction Terms & Conditions

  1. Auction is valid/active for 24 hours only. We will mark it as SOLD once the bidding is complete.
  2. Auction is 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. The time posted, as per Facebook, is the time we will go by. In the case when more than one bid comes in at the same time, the last (highest, valid) bid BEFORE the end time will be declared the winner. Screenshots will be required in this case to determine the exact time and the winner.
  3. Pick up location must be at the JBIA office and must be picked up by July 31st, 2021.
  4. As it is an auction; people must bid. It is not fastest pick-up – it is pick-up by the winner of the auction within 24 hours.
  5. We will tag and contact the winner on Facebook messenger after the 24 hour period is complete and we have solidified the winner.
  6. The minimum you can go up per bid is $1 and the maximum bid you may place is $10 higher than the previous bid. The asking price is the lowest the seller will accept so your first bid must start there.
  7. IF someone bids AFTER auction ends and there are no other bidders, the seller has the OPTION to sell to that member.
  8. No PM’s (private message) until auction over. If there are questions, pls ask in the comments so all can see.
  9. No comments permitted unless it’s pertaining to the sale of the item. 
  10. Buyers MUST be adults to be bidding (18 years of age minimum).
  11. Removing Bids: A confirmed bid cannot be retracted nor cancelled so please do NOT email us to do so or your bidding activity will be interrupted.  By placing a bid, you agree to pay for the item if you are the winning bidder. In the case of an obvious typographical error, prior to the last 48 hours remaining in the auction, a request can be made to correct the bid by sending an e-mail to  After an item is won, it cannot be cancelled due to an error. Please note that changing your mind, or failing to read the information we provide, is not considered a typographical error!
  12. The Junction BIA makes no warranty or representation of any kind with respect to the property and in no event shall be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, providence, period, culture, source, origin, condition, etc.
  13. A description and picture(s) accompany each auction listing. While we endeavour to accurately describe and portray each item, we cannot supply the type of information a buyer might expect from a manufacturer. Do not make assumptions regarding any features, functionality, or additional parts/accessories not pictured or described. When we state a descriptive word (i.e. good, fair) about an item, it is only our opinion and, as opinions may vary, we will not be called upon for this opinion.

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