December 2023: Vidal Barber Studio

Vidal Barber Studio

2988 Dundas St W.

Half Brothers Erik and Manuel Vidal have always been close. Even though they didn’t grow up together, that didn’t stop them from maintaining a solid connection throughout their lives. After developing a passion for hairstyling as a teenager, Erik put those talents to good use, working at different barber shops. Meanwhile, Manuel enjoyed a career in the business world, working with numbers and managing various client projects. When they both lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Erik and Manuel turned their setbacks into an opportunity. To do that, they would create something they had always dreamed of together: a barbershop of their own, with Erik managing the hair styling and creative side and Manuel providing his administrative and technical knowledge of operating a business. 

With that, Vidal Barber Studio opened its doors in April 2022. The studio was named accordingly in recognition of the brothers’ strong bond and the love and support they received from their family over the years. In choosing the name, Erik and Manuel wanted to honour their grandfather, who always encouraged them to be proud of their name and Mexican heritage and to follow their dreams. With a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a business from scratch, Erik and Manuel carefully considered the vision for their barbershop. They wanted a welcoming space built around classic grooming. With high standards for their barbers, everyone can feel confident getting the best service possible while bringing their unique, personal hairstyles to life. Fades and flowbacks are the team’s specialty, but with a talented team of barbers, they can handle any style requests!

Erik and Manuel also wanted to ensure their business helped young barbers in their careers. Both can remember their difficulties when getting started, so assisting and supporting their co-workers is essential for the company. To ensure that new barbers are ready to give great haircuts from day one, Vidal Barber Studio allows aspiring barbers to shadow regular barbers once or twice weekly to hone their craft. The studio also holds in-house hairstyling classes and mentoring sessions so that the team can understand their new barbers’ plans for the future and help them become the master stylists that they aspire to be.

In their free time, Erik and Manuel both enjoy music. While they have dabbled in many instruments, Erik’s specialty is piano, and Manuel’s is drums. The Vidal brothers have both loved their experience as Junction business owners, the feeling of community they get from the neighbourhood, and all the support they have received from clients and colleagues. They love all of the Junction businesses, but given how important family and heritage have been for their whole journey, the fact that they are just steps away from Carmelita’s takes the cake. They love the authentic Mexican food there; it reminds them of home, and their family visits there always end with good memories and full tummies. 

We’re delighted to have this sophisticated and inspiring barber studio in the Junction. You can find more information about Vidal Barber Studio on their website and Instagram.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit their shop window during The Junction’s 4th Annual Window Wonderland. It’s totally out of this world!

Written By: James Watson

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