Changes in the Bylaws for Property Standards and Maintenance

Changes in the Bylaws for Property Standards and Maintenance

Toronto City Council adopted amendments to the Property Standards Bylaw and the Vacant and Hazardous Properties Bylaw. 

  1. Enforcement of the Property Standards Bylaw

The City is currently working to establish fines for violations of the Property Standards Bylaw, which will allow bylaw enforcement officers to issue tickets when required. Information about the fines will be made available on the City’s Property Standards webpage.

If there is a complaint or information about a possible violation, Bylaw Enforcement Officers will review the complaint and if validated, investigate, educate and/or take enforcement actions. The goal is to resolve issues and ensure that property owners/operators and occupants are following the bylaws. Each issue is addressed on a case-by-case basis to make sure reasonable, fair and appropriate actions are taken. For example, in some cases the issue may be resolved through education. In other cases, further enforcement action is required.

If a property owner/operator or occupant does not comply with the Property Standards Bylaw, they are guilty of an offence. Enforcement action may include an Order to Comply, a fine or a summons to appear before the Court. If property owners/operators do not comply, the City may carry out maintenance work to ensure compliance, with the cost of the work added to the property tax bill.

  1. Changes in the Vacant-Derelict Properties Bylaw

The Vacant or Hazardous Property Bylaw, applies to all vacant buildings and hazardous properties in Toronto, including unsafe properties that pose an immediate danger to the health or safety of people. In addition to the requirements of the Property Standards Bylaw, the owner of a vacant property must protect the building against risk of fire or danger by preventing the entrance of all unauthorized persons, ensure that all materials used to secure a vacant building are compatible in colour to the exterior of the building, and disconnect utilities if the building is vacant for more than 90 days. More information is available on the City’s Property Standards webpage.

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