Up to $10,000: The Commercial Facade Improvement Program

The Commercial Facade Improvement Program

The Commercial Facade Improvement Program (CFIP) provides grant funding to commercial and industrial property owners eligible for the Facade Improvement Program, to redesign, renovate or restore commercial and industrial building facades. This could include replacing or repairing windows, doors, lighting, awnings, brickwork, signage, or making building entrances wheelchair accessible.

Eligibility requirements
It is mandatory that applications include at least three of the eligible facade improvements listed below:

  • Brick cleaning facade treatments such as power washing
  • Exterior painting excluding bricks
  • Replacement of doors and windows
  • Replacement and/or repair of cornices, parapets and other architectural features
  • Replacement and/or repair of awnings or canopies
  • Repair and/or re-pointing of facade masonry
  • Installation and improvement of signage
  • Installation of exterior decorative lighting and upgrading of fixtures
  • Redesign of storefront
  • Installation of wheelchair accessibility ramps
  • Other improvements agreed to by the General Manager of Economic Development & Culture

Half of the cost of eligible and approved improvements to a commercial or industrial building facade is covered and will be based on the lowest contractor estimate submitted with the application. The minimum funding provided by the City is $2,500 with maximum of $10,000 for non-corner properties. A corner property is eligible for a maximum funding of $12,500, provided improvements are proposed for both the front and corner-side wall of the building facing a public road.

For more information on program requirements and application, see here

Note: The 2019 application process is now closed. Check back in January for more information on the 2020 application, subject to City Council providing funding in the 2020 city budget. 

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