Turbo Menu: QR Code Menus

TurboMenu is a tool that allows restaurants to easily create QR code menus that their customers can view on their phones. According to Turbo Menu, contrary to similar services that currently exist, it is completely FREE and can be used by anyone. TurboMenu doesn’t make money in any way, the site has minimal maintenance costs that they cover themselves.

This is a FREE service to help small restaurants create a safer dining experience during COVID-19. QR code menus are cleaner, cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly than traditional paper menues.

CLICK HERE for more information or to sign up for a TurboMenu QR Code.

If you’d like to read more about the team behind TurboMenu and their motivation, check out this recently featured news article from the University of Toronto: https://www.mie.utoronto.ca/a-side-project-for-the-community-how-two-recent-inde-grads-are-helping-restaurants-adapt-during-the-pandemic/

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