ReduceTO – Reducing Single-Use Program

Reducing single-use and takeaway items supports recommendations in the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy (Waste Strategy) (opens in new window) and will help the City of Toronto become a zero waste and circular city.
Through Reducing Single-Use – one of a suite of ReduceWasteTO programs, the City wants to support and recognize businesses already taking a leadership role to eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items, such as:
  • Single-use accessory disposable food items (i.e. eating utensils, straws, stir sticks, condiment packets, napkins, and beverage takeout trays)
  • Single-use beverage cups (hot and cold)
  • Single-use shopping bags (paper and plastic)
  • Foam (expanded polystyrene) cups and takeout containers
  • Black plastic takeout containers
  • Plastic and plastic lined takeout containers and items labelled as compostable or bio-degradable.

The following information has been developed to help businesses transition away from single-use items and support their waste reduction efforts.

More information here.

Feedback and Updates

If you would like to provide your feedback on how to enhance the program and better support waste reduction efforts, please email

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