Oct 2: The Parkdale-High Park Debate on the Environment

The Opportunity to Build Environmental Leadership in Parkdale-High Park

On Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:30 pm Green 13, Green Parkdale-Roncesvalles, and Safe Rail Communities will be hosting the Parkdale-High Park All-Candidates’ Debate on the Environment at Humbercrest United Church, 16 Baby Point Road. 100 Debates on the Environment is a non-partisan, politically neutral project that aims to bring voters together at the riding level to hear local candidate’s best policy ideas for the environment. The main objective is to encourage a race to the top on climate change and broader environmental policy issues. It will demonstrate the strong public support that exists for environmental leadership, and enable the best policy ideas to come forward to compete for that support.

Over 100 debates on the Environment are set to take place across Canada during the first week of October, in advance of the federal election. Four questions have been provided in advance to candidates coast to coast, one each on climate, water, wilderness conservation, and pollution and toxics. In addition, residents are encouraged to submit relevant local questions to newgreenward@gmail.com. Questions will be grouped and selected for the debate.

Please RSVP and join us on October 2nd.  See here for more information. 

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbours and spread the word on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.  social media (Facebook @100debatesParkdaleHighPark, Twitter and Instagram @100debatesPHP). 

Please direct all questions to:

Marian Booy
On behalf of the PHP 100 debates organizing committee

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