Neighbourhood Guide

Neighbourhood Guide

Neighbourhood Guide is a website with a community focus – a one-stop, online resource for valuable, content on everything you need to know about communities in the GTA, including real estate, schools, transportation, recreation, local history, and lifestyle.

From real estate listings and reports to family resources, home services, schools, special city-wide outings, local neighbourhood events and more – explore the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as you have never explored it before.

Designed to benefit public institutions, businesses, non-profits and the people of the Greater Toronto Area, we offer award-winning content, geo-targeted for smooth navigation.

They cater to an audience as wide and diverse as our city, providing up-to-the-minute information in a flexible, accessible format, with a regular calendar and blog to promote news, activities and events, and a neighbourhood mailbox. We are a perfect resource for families relocating to Toronto, supporting their search for new homes, schools, and community facilities.

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