March 2021: Snug As A Bug


3022 Dundas St W. | 1-800-539-9517


Liz Heyland emerged onto the Canadian clothing design scene in 1992. She had her beginnings in children’s clothing, advertising her independent operation to craft shows and through a paper catalogue. She channeled this skill and passion for creating children’s clothing into her first business. SNUG AS A BUG became part of the Junction family in 2007, one of the first of many new businesses moving into the area. 

As Liz honed her craft as well as her style, SNUG AS A BUG has refined its selection to Liz’s adorable children’s sun hats and their ever-popular family pyjama sets. The products within SNUG AS A BUG’s catalogue are all manufactured locally, curated to focus on the needs of children 0 – 8 years old. Liz has spent long years of dedication listening to parents’ suggestions in the area, testing hundreds of products, and becoming an expert in what the Junction patrons want and need. 

“The community understands our relationship of symbiotic success,” said Liz when asked about her favourite part of the community. She’s always looking to communicate and get to know the parents in the neighbourhood to serve them better. They’ve removed the confusing step of comparing dozens of the same toy and have found the essentials for fun, functional, and affordable products for busy parents. The store is set up carefully so that all customers can see the bright, springlike display from the counter. Liz and Barbara are both incredibly warm, patient, and informed individuals who are able to guide you patiently through choice options that are best for your child. 

Liz’s designs have been online since 2005, so the transition last year from in-store to strictly online and pick-up was a clear-cut path. SNUG AS A BUG now operates with service over the phone and live chat available on their website. Their team is eager to assist you through the experience, and their in-store order counter offers the ability to view products in person safely.

Knowing what a child needs is already confusing. Ensuring the toys are safe, affordable, and genuinely entertaining is enough to make any parent’s head spin. SNUG AS A BUG is the place to be for those looking for the most effortless and thoughtfully curated collection of children’s toys and clothes.

-Riley Wiley, Journalism Intern, The Junction BIA

Updated Feb 23, 2021: We are OPEN for business! For more information on how to shop with us safely, click here


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