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Made in Toronto

Ships Worldwide

It started with a concept: create beautiful, unique, and functional goods that didn’t negatively impact the environment. Seems simple, right? In a world where fashion is on-demand and shipped the next day, bringing a conscious brand into the world isn’t so easy.

Because we’re not making goods for those who want to click and receive it the next day. What we make is for uncommon people.

People like you. People who want beautiful pieces without harming the planet. People who value exclusivity, limited editions, and handmade goods. Uncommon people who are conscious, sustainable, and mindful.

Toronto designer Cassandra Moy built her brand on this type of person. And all of our processes reflect just that. As strong believers in the slow fashion movement, many items are made-to-order, and all are handcrafted with care in Cassandra’s Toronto studio. All products are made from locally sourced, hand selected materials, with off-cuts from previous projects upcycled into new designs.

Every effort is made to keep waste to an absolute minimum. Even our too-small scraps have a purpose and are donated to local artisans so that they can find a second life. We wear our values on our sleeves (and on our bags) and hope you do too.

If you’d like to see Cassandra’s past work, please visit: CM PORTFOLIO

Thank you for supporting Cassandra Moy!

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Toronto ON
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