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– 2021 UPDATE –

The Junction BIA is considering pursuing an expansion of the BIA boundaries east to Annette St and west to Clendenan Ave.

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The Junction BIA will only pursue this if it is what the businesses and property owners outside of the BIA want. We ask that expansion business and property owners (east to Annette St and west to Clendenan Ave) complete the following survey to provide us with feedback on whether we should pursue this expansion. This survey is not binding or official, but is important in helping to inform our decision. Using this information, we may also decide to only pursue expansion in one direction over the other.

Join our Steering Committee

The Expansion Steering Committee is a group of volunteers who support The Junction BIA team in its effort to ensure that everyone can make an informed decision during the polling process and complete the expansion. This would include actively speaking with your neighbours about the benefits of expansion. A dedicated Steering Committee is required if expansion is going to be successful. Reach out to Suliman Khattak, Operations Coordinator, if you are interested in committing some time towards the expansion as a Steering Committee member. 


  • Thomas Colson, The Book Exchange, 3111 Dundas St W
  • Ilde De Berardinis, Coast Café Bar, 23 St. John’s Rd 
  • Janet & Mary Ann Di Bernardo, Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Decor, 2900 Dundas St W
  • Brandon Donnelly, Junction House, 2720 Dundas St W
  • Jayne Dunsmore, Jayne’s Gourmet Catering and Event Management, 3104 Dundas St W
  • Kiyo Elliott-Armstrong (Board Chair, The Junction BIA), Full Stop Cafe, 2948 Dundas St W
  • Eugenia Evans, Evans Real Estate, 3178 Dundas St W
  • Corey Flow, Penmar Plumbing and Heating Supplies, 3300 Dundas St W
  • Megan Kearney, Comic Book Embassy Co-work & Illustration Studio, 2770 Dundas St W
  • Diane Moniz-Alves, Lynett Funeral Home, 3299 Dundas St W
  • Chris Watton, The Sidekick Cafe, 2770 Dundas St W
  • Join Us! You too can be involved in developing your community to make it a more safe, vibrant, and unique area to do business.

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