A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a non-profit association of commercial property owners and tenants within a defined area who collaborates with the City to create thriving, competitive, and safe business areas that attract shoppers and diners, tourists, and new businesses. By working collectively, local businesses have the organizational and funding capacity to be catalysts for civic improvement, enhancing the quality of life in their local neighbourhood and the City.

The Junction BIA is run by a volunteer Board of Management elected by its members. The Board works on behalf of its BIA and meets regularly to develop budgets, set priorities, implement capital improvements, envision marketing initiatives, and promote its business area. In short, they help our community thrive.

There are many benefits of joining the Board of Management. These include, but are not limited to: meeting other BIA members, helping the community achieve its vision, developing knowledge of municipal government, and enhancing one’s skill sets. In addition, directors have plenty of opportunities to build their own capacities in governance, project management, budgeting, and marketing while working for the greater good.

Nomination Procedures for Directors to the Board of Management

Governed under Chapter 19 of the City of Toronto Municipal Code and The Junction BIA by-laws, The Junction BIA Board of Management comprises up to eight (8) directors and one (1) City Councillor. Every four (4) years, coinciding with the Municipal elections, the BIA puts out a Call for Expression of Interest for representation as a director on the board to fill vacancies. All directors are public-appointed officials. The term of office is for four (4) years. 

Persons interested in serving on the Board of Management for the BIA are encouraged to reach out to the Executive Director for more information. For consideration, those interested must complete and submit a Nomination Form.  

Please direct any questions to Carol Jolly, Executive Director, The Junction BIA, at carol@torontojunction.ca.

During an election year (i.e. 2026, and every four years), persons interested in being considered for nomination at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) must complete and submit a nomination form six (6) months before the AGM date. The board must advertise the election two (2) months before the Nomination Form deadline. Nominees must sit in on a minimum of two (2) consecutive board meetings before the official election to the board. 

At the AGM, the BIA membership will elect a new board from the pool of nominees that have come forward. The BIA Membership has the right to accept or reject any nominees. The names of the elected directors will then be shared with the City of Toronto’s BIA office for approval and appointment by City Council. The new board will take office the following year. 

Outside of an election year, nomination forms submitted will be accepted on a rolling basis for review by the board at a meeting within three (3) months. Nominees must attend a minimum of two (2) consecutive board meetings before the official election to the board. The existing Board of Management has the right to accept or reject nominees.

The Expressions of Interest Summary for The Junction BIA Board of Management, Term 2023-2026 can be found here.


For your nomination to be considered, you must be:

  • An owner or tenant of commercial or industrial property within the BIA (see here for a map of the BIA area); or a business owner of commercial or industrial property within the BIA; or an individual appointed by a corporation that is the owner or tenant of commercial or industrial property within the BIA;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Not be a child, parent, or spouse of—or in a marital relationship with—a Council member; and
  • Not be staff of the City, its agencies or corporations (or their subsidiaries).

Further, the ideal candidate should have the following qualities: 

  • Brings energy and enthusiasm to support the building of the BIA’s reputation.
  • Is willing to prepare for meetings and learn the rules of the operation.
  • Can commit to attending one monthly meeting every month, excluding December. 
  • Brings unique skill sets (e.g., finance, public relations, marketing, real estate, legal, retail) or experiences of particular value to the board (e.g., budgeting, accounting, planning, advertising).
  • Has demonstrated exemplary leadership and stewardship through industry or community involvement.
  • Has strong communication and interpersonal skills (i.e., working well as part of a team, contributing reasoned opinions, and accepting and supporting decisions reached by the board).
  • Can set aside any personal interests and work towards the betterment of the BIA.
  • Can commit the time and resources to serve on the board. 
  • Previous board experience is an asset but not required.


The board strives to achieve diverse representation that reflects its membership and mandate. BIA’s name recognizes the barriers of discrimination and disadvantage faced by human rights-protected groups. It is committed to promoting inclusion and equality in the BIA for all people regardless of their race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, disability, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, same-sex partnership, age, marital status, family status, immigrant status, receipt of public assistance, political affiliation, religious affiliation, level of literacy, language or socio-economic status. We are also committed to inclusive, barrier-free recruitment and selection processes in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“AODA”) and the Ontario Human Rights Code. We will be happy to work with anyone requesting accommodation.

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