Letter by MPP Bhutila on Ontario Small Business Grant

February 26, 2021

Dear Business Owners:

I am writing you this letter to inform you about some information that has been made available to me over the last week or so.

Many small businesses in our community have reached out to my office for assistance with the Ontario Small Business Support Grant (OSBSG). Many of these businesses have not received a decision on their application, despite applying almost a month and a half ago, and facing dwindling resources. Others have received erroneous denials, only to find it impossible to reach the government to correct their application. Others still have been told that they are undergoing a secondary review, or need to submit further information, only to be left waiting weeks to hear from someone in the government to find out next steps.

Perhaps the most troubling issue that was brought to my attention, however, is that some businesses, when contacted by the OSBSG Program, have been provided with a non-existent email address to which they are supposed to send their supporting documents. I am therefore sending you this letter to ensure that as many small businesses as possible have as much information and correct information as possible.

I am including below a list of important resources for any business who has applied for this grant. And, as always, should you run into problems with your application, please contact my office so we can assist you.


·       If you have been asked to provide supporting documentation, please note that the CORRECT email address to submit your documents to is: SmallBusSupportGrant@ontario.ca

·       To check the status of your application, you can go to this website and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will need your CRA business number and your application reference number.

·       If you have questions about your application, including how to make corrections, you can call the Program at 416-325-6691 or email them at SmallBusSupportGrant@ontario.ca.

I know this has been a stressful, heartbreaking and difficult time for small business owners and those who rely on them. I want you to know I am committed to helping small businesses in our community. I will keep bringing your concerns forward through my caucus at Queen’s Park, and fighting for you.

Wishing you a safe, happy spring. Keep in touch.



Bhutila Karpoche, MPP
Parkdale—High Park

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