June 2024: Chiang Mai Junction

Chiang Mai Junction

2998 Dundas St W

With an unwavering dedication to lifelong growth and a profound commitment to creating opportunities for himself and others, Sujeevan Moorthy, the visionary behind Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, establishing the first Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen on Park Lawn Road in 2019. As the successful opening paved the way, more Chiang Mai branches sprouted across the city in the subsequent years, with the Junction location opening in 2023. Sujeevan’s path as a restaurateur traces back to his tenure at another Thai restaurant. Despite its success, he sensed a compromise in Thai cuisine’s traditional flavours and tastes, as the restaurant strived to mimic what customers believed Thai food should taste like rather than offering the most authentic experience possible. This realization ignited Sujeevan’s passion for delving into Thai cuisine, its recipes, and diverse traditions, aiming to deliver the most authentic Thai dining experience to Toronto. 

This journey was challenging, with numerous rounds of trial and error contributing to refining Chiang Mai’s recipes. During the planning phase, Sujeevan decided to collaborate with a skilled Thai chef, ensuring that all the dishes would be infused with the rich flavours they deserved. For Chiang Mai to flourish and cater to local preferences while never compromising the core Thai flavours, Sujeevan dedicated significant time to sourcing high-quality ingredients typical of Thai cuisine from Canadian suppliers. Chiang Mai, named after the eponymous province of Northern Thailand, stands out for its passion for authentic food, dining, and ingredients, promising customers a dining experience brimming with flavours, foods, and traditions characteristic of the region of Thailand. 

Chiang Mai is a culinary haven that beautifully blends the traditional and the modern, offering a unique dining experience that is both familiar and exciting. Fresh and authentic ingredients are delivered daily to Chiang Mai, guaranteeing healthy, delicious flavours. Having a fresh, ever-changing list of ingredients to draw on also means that the chefs at Chiang Mai can innovate, changing the menu according to the seasonally available ingredients. At Chiang Mai, traditional dishes such as Khao Soi, Panang Curry, and Phad Thai coexist with modern innovations like Khao Soi Benedict and tantalizing Thai French toast. All these dishes pair perfectly with Chiang Mai’s selection of tasty cocktails and are served in a peaceful, traditional ambience. The result is an immersive culinary experience for everyone who dines there, as close as possible to Thailand without getting on a plane!

In his free time, Sujeevan enjoys playing badminton. He finds the sport’s speed and quick movements an excellent way of rejuvenating the body and mind after a busy day. He also enjoys spending time with his family, and he has two daughters who always bring him joy and laughter. Since the Junction location was under construction, Sujeevan has been good friends with Michelle and Daniel of Noctua Bakery. Now, not only does he visit Noctua regularly, but he also uses their bread in some of Chiang Mai’s dishes.

Chiang Mai, a culinary haven inspired by Sujeevan’s love of authentic Thai cuisine, is not just a physical space but a vibrant online community. It’s a place where traditions are preserved and innovation is celebrated. The result is a top-notch dining experience that captures the spirit of Thailand right here in the Junction. We’re happy to enjoy the delicious results! For more information on Chiang Mai, to stay updated with our latest offerings, and to be a part of our culinary journey, you can check out our website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Written By: James Watson

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