Introducing Our NEW Operations Coordinator – Jenna Gartlan

Introducing Our NEW Operations Coordinator – Jenna Gartlan!

Meet Jenna Gartlan, an enthusiastic individual embarking on a new career journey as an Operations Coordinator for The Junction BIA. With a background in the Television and Film Industry, Jenna brings creative talent and a diverse skill set to her new role. She looks forward to using her experience in project management, event planning, and budgeting to contribute to the success of the BIA.

Jenna’s passion for creating remarkable experiences stems from her time supporting Executive Producers, where she cultivated organizational and planning skills. Attention to detail has become second nature to her, allowing her to craft truly memorable events.

Jenna holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography from Queen’s University, which has provided her with a solid foundation in Urban Planning. Having resided in the West End’s High Park-Swansea area for the past two years, she deeply appreciates the importance of community building and fostering strong relationships. It is this sense of connection that drew her to The Junction BIA.

With her varied skill set and unwavering passion, Jenna aims to leverage her background in film event planning and administration to curate extraordinary experiences and cultivate vibrant environments within the community.

When not immersed in her work, Jenna enjoys perusing interior decorating blogs for inspiration, staying active, and embarking on multiple craft projects simultaneously. Her cat, George, is always by her side, offering her supervisory expertise. Welcome, Jenna!

Warm regards,

Carol Jolly

Executive Director
The Junction BIA
(416) 561-3683 mobile

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