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Watch the video to meet Stacy and Tim Irvine, Co-Founders of Totum Life Science, and follow the steps they used to raise almost $10,000 from their beloved customers during COVID-19
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Send a branded email request to all customers

The most powerful mechanism of outreach for a small business owner is a customer email list. Once your business page is live, construct a short and simple email campaign that you can send to your beloved customers. Over the years, you’ve worked to build a business that customers love. In this time of need, you’ll be surprised how much customer appreciation is reciprocal.
This email would be sent from a generic sender inbox, such as, and include lots of branding, like logos and team pictures. Click the button below to see the email Totum sent to their customer contact list to kickoff their crowdfunding campaign.
See Totum’s Email

? Send a personal follow up email to specific customers

Once your branded email campaign is delivered, create a segmented list of your most active customers. These could be customers you have a one-to-one relationship with or those that have been highly active in your store for the 30 to 45 days prior to COVID-19 closures.

This email would be sent from an owner’s business inbox, such as and devoid of branding. A simple, eloquent, plain-text email from owner to the customer.

Totum’s owners, Tim and Stacy, sent out this email one hour after the branded email was delivered. It should be highly personalized, mention other strategies the business is leveraging to ride the storm, and share some of the ways you plan to use your funds raised on Distantly, like to pay valued employees, manage rent expenses, etc…

?? Encourage customers to share your page on social media

The most powerful feature on your Distantly Business page is the social media share section.

This subtle, yet powerful, feature lets your community share your Distantly Business page with their hundreds of friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp and Email in 2 clicks!

All they need to do is click and share, so try to encourage your community to use this feature on their favourite social media channels to get your page in front of as many supportive Canadians as possible:

? Did I miss anything?

If there’s a topic you’re looking to learn more about, feel free to respond directly to this email.

As always, if there’s anything else our team can do to help your small business during this tough time, please don’t hesitate to reach out. As an entrepreneur, I understand how challenging the past few weeks have been.

That said, I know firsthand that business owners are some of the most resilient types of people around. I’m confident we, as Canada’s small business community, will all come together to get through this pandemic and come out stronger.


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