This April, Canada’s leading voice for the foodservice industry, Restaurants Canada is asking businesses and consumers to participate in a #DineInDoOver. Serving as an industry revival effort, the campaign encourages consumers and businesses across Canada to come together at their favourite local restaurant, and ‘redo’ the moments, milestones and special events they’ve missed over the last two years.

#DineInDoOver is a nationwide movement that not only addresses the need to redo, or even do for the first time, the moments missed due to pandemic, but also supports the foodservice industry on its road to revival. By dining in to celebrate missed birthdays, team building events, promotions, engagements, anniversaries, holidays and more, Canadians can get back to benefiting from in-person communication and connection, while supporting the revival of an industry that has been devastated.

In addition to consumers and support from businesses, Restaurants Canada is also calling for restaurant owners and operators to spread the word about the campaign by downloading the #DineInDoOver Toolkit, joining the conversation on social media, amplifying and creating additional awareness to keep restaurants at the heart of incredible connections and memories. 

For more details, visit www.DineInDoOver.ca.

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