An Update on The Junction Summer Solstice Festival

Greetings Community Members, 

As we’ve received some questions, to clarify, The Junction Summer Solstice Festival is cancelled indefinitely. After much consideration, the Board of Management has decided to redirect its staff efforts and resources to support the Junction’s signature winter event, Window Wonderland, an outdoor art exhibition from November to January, and the City’s CaféTO in the Junction patio program in the summer, from May to October. This decision was reported and approved by our membership at our previous two Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

The introduction of the CaféTO program provides us with an opportunity to view the summer differently. With CaféTO, we can work towards bringing vibrancy to the Junction and increasing foot traffic to the community over six months rather than on one day. Data shows that at $75 per person, in 2021, CaféTO visitors spent approximately $21 more pp than visitors to the Solstice Festival, resulting in an economic impact of $27.8 million. It also provided us with over 34 million impressions, and the media named us Patio Lover’s Paradise!

At the same time, Window Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind activation that puts the Junction on the map while simultaneously driving increased winter foot traffic and supporting local artists. Data shows that at $72 per person, visitors spent ~$18 more pp than visitors to the Solstice Festival, resulting in an economic impact of $1.6 million in the Junction. It also provided us with nearly 50 million media impressions!

We are on track to support all of our members year-round through safe and innovative programs like CaféTO in the summer and Window Wonderland in the winter! Thank you all for your understanding and ongoing support.


Carol Jolly
Executive Director
The Junction BIA
(416) 561-3683 mobile

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