Virtual Summit on Financial Wellbeing and Personal Branding for Women

FREE Virtual Summit on Financial Wellbeing and Personal Branding for Women

HELIX RISE, presented by Scotiabank, is an initiative to provide women, gender diverse and racialized people with critical skills and opportunities to advance their careers.

The program reflects the commitment of Seneca and Scotiabank to foster education, economic inclusion and resiliency. 

HELIX RISE Summit 2022: Find your power

Learn, connect and be empowered at the first annual HELIX RISE Summit. This free, one-day event is designed to help women at all stages of their careers cultivate sought-after job skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

This virtual summit on Thursday, Nov. 17 from 1 to 6 p.m. EST will focus on financial wellbeing and personal branding tailored specifically for women.

This event will give you the opportunity to:

  • hear prominent female leaders speak about financial empowerment for women
  • learn key skills in educational workshops focused on financial well-being and brand building
  • build your professional connections through networking activities
  • browse a showcase of organizations with services tailored for women and innovative ventures led by female entrepreneurs
  • learn more about The Scotiabank Women Initiative®

HELIX RISE summit will leave you feeling empowered to pursue your career goals.

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