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Tony Fantastic

Tony Fantastic started drawing at a young age. He was a master finger painter in kindergarten. A virtuoso in macaroni art, and by high school, was creating comic strips, which continued into published weekly work not long after. During his many years performing with his band, he also created merch,  album art, and show posters for himself and others in the music industry. Tony Fantastic is now a multidisciplinary and disabled artist, working as a muralist, graphic designer, and most recently, a tattoo artist, with published works in print media and even a colouring book. This came about after years as a bartender and musician came to a stop because of a spinal injury, leaving him with mobility issues. He required surgery, and art was his only escape while in recovery. In that time, he built upon the artistic experience he had gained. He also decided to take formal training in illustration and digital imaging courses at George Brown College to fine-tune his skills. He’s had write-ups and reviews in Shock Till You Drop, Bloodydisgusting, Now Magazine, Snapd, and Rue Morgue, where his colouring book was also featured in their NEEDFUL THINGS Christmas Edition. He can be found at Sink Or Swim Tattoos in Parkdale or picking through the back issues and bargain bins at a local comic book store.

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Eleonora Asparuhova

Eleonora Asparuhova is a Bulgarian 2D animator and illustrator whose work focuses on cultural heritage, mythology, folklore and fairytales. Holder of the 2013 Arts and Humanities Research Council Master’s Preparation Award in Animation, Eleonora completed her Master’s degree at the University of Salford in 2015 and since then has worked as an animator, concept artist and illustrator with local and international companies, including Focal Studios, Culture Liverpool, Usborne Publishing and Scottish Heritage Fund. Eleonora’s short animations ‘The Orange Song’ (2020), ‘Song of Man’ ( 2015) and ‘Samovila’ (2012) have been screened at numerous local and international animation festivals, including ‘Athens International Animation Festival,’ ‘Golden Kuker’ and the Oscar qualifying ‘World Festival of Animated Film.’ So far, Eleonora has launched nine successful illustration exhibitions in the UK and Bulgaria and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Illustration with Animation at Manchester School of Art.

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