Revitalization of The Junction- Benefits of Urban Parks

Learn about the benefits of urban parks!


The benefits of urban parks go far beyond their role in contributing to a healthy environment and acting as a hub for local communities. Green space can help increase property values, while also attracting and retaining businesses to an area. But as demand for land increases, it becomes more and more difficult to create new public areas.According to the City of Toronto, a parkette is defined as a park less than 0.5 hectares in size. Unlike neighbourhood parks, parkettes are designed for more passive and aesthetic enjoyment of green space.

The Junction Parkettes will be a collaborative initiative cost-shared by the BIA and the City’s Economic Development and Culture division. Its goal is to improve the public realm by creating aesthetically satisfying and functional outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.  Parkettes will feature trees, gardens, artistic bike parking and custom site furnishings.  We will be developing three parkettes within the next two years.

This initiative will create a more inviting, livable environment for pedestrians and fits within a larger movement in the city to reclaim public space for pedestrians.  The investment being made by the businesses indicates the BIA’s commitment to creating and maintaining environmentally friendly spaces for the enjoyment of all whom we serve.

Greening is a top priority for the project. Especially in an urban landscape, trees are vital in providing oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water and supporting life. By preserving existing healthy trees and fostering new ones in the three new parkettes, we strive to create small oases for the public to escape the city heat. They lend themselves to the integration of amenities such as seating and bicycle or stroller parking. As gathering spaces, parkettes provide opportunities for social interaction, contributing to building social capital within neighbourhoods.

In response to The Junction BIA Master Plan (2014) and as shared at our 2019 Annual General Meeting, the BIA and the City is assessing 10 potential city-owned boulevard areas for future parkettes and based its final selection on constructability, visibility, size, current use, setbacks, and clearances. Upon completion, the BIA will be responsible for the maintenance of the parkettes.  We will work with property owners, businesses and the City to implement three new parkettes that are compatible with adjacent businesses and support community activities. We look forward to sharing more with you on this exciting project as it develops.  ~ The Junction BIA Team

NOTE: Renderings in this article, created by DTAH, depict the Brunswick Ave. Parkette. This parkette will be installed as part of the Bloor Annex BIA’s Bloor Street Revitalization. More renderings and information about this project can be found at

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