Meet the Artists

Khaula Mazhar

Khaula Mazhar is a self-taught professional artist. Born and raised in Canada, the daughter of South Asian immigrants whose main aim in life was to produce doctors or engineers. Her father pointed at her in her warm York County Hospital bassinet, proclaiming, “this one’s going to be a doctor.” The story went quite differently, and this is why you should never assume in life. While she did dutifully pursue an education in science, earning her master’s degree in biochemistry, she now gets paid to scribble on everything from small pieces of paper to large walls. Any surface will do as long as she can paint a story on it.

A true believer in the therapeutic benefits of art and the importance of preserving and telling people’s stories, she loves bringing art to the community and the community to art. She achieves this through interactive art events for the community, unique exhibitions, and public art murals with a message.

Always hungry for more, she strives to find new ways to bring art to the community and recently dove into the digital world, working hard to overcome her terror of all things tech.

Besides painting and overindulging her large, eccentric, orange tabby, she is passionate about environmental and social issues, which are the themes in much of her artwork.

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Ansh Kumar

Ansh Kumar is an Interactive Motion Designer and an architect by education. He aims to generate a creative perspective towards human interactions humbly and playfully through a layer of digital experiences.

His research is directed towards a canvas that acts as a catalyst to celebrate human traces and their implications. Creating canvases to interact and further create. 
Experimenting with colour based Interactive &
Generative Visuals, Augmented Reality and Installation art, Ansh is fascinated by colour theory, motion design, cognitive psychology and research, he experiments through immersive installations combining sound, sculpture and AR. 
Theories of the human mind and its perceptions being at the centre of his installations, Augmented reality experiences and digital exhibitions, the art-form allows him to break away from the social and physical boundaries the mind is trapped in.






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