Meet the Artists

Julia Prajza

Julia Prajza is a Muralist, Lettering Artist and Designer in Toronto with a goal of bringing more joy and colour to our everyday lives. As an OCAD University graduate with experience in Art Direction and Graphic Design, a desire to create tangible work has led Julia back to drawing and painting. She’s passionate about public and community-engaged art to beautify spaces, uplift our spirits and inspire us. Julia’s signature style is vibrant and playful with folk-inspired details and a whimsical feel, often focusing on nature and text-based imagery. Her modern-meets-traditional aesthetic reflects the unique charm of the past seen through fresh eyes, blending organic shapes with a bold graphic approach. Curious by nature, Julia is constantly exploring new avenues, most recently with plein-air painting with soft pastels. As she continues to grow her multidisciplinary practice, Julia hopes to spark curiosity, encourage creativity and cultivate connection.

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Sima Naseem

Sima Naseem is a Pakistani-Canadian mixed media artist who works with multiple mediums, focusing on animation and public art. She enjoys telling stories of exploration, discovery, and personal family life. She enjoys using bright colours and playful designs that positively impact her community through inclusivity, diversity and inspirational imagery. Sima always seeks new and creative ways to share her cultural and personal experiences through art.

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