How to Participate in Window Wonderland

Decorate Your Storefront + You Can WIN FREE Ad Space!

The Junction 1st Annual Window Wonderland, presented by MEDS Junction Pharmacy, begins on Saturday, November 14, 2020. The exhibition will transform the Junction neighbourhood into an outdoor gallery that is interactive, engaging, and magical. It will feature 20 local artists and animators who will paint 10 storefront windows brought to life by Augmented Reality (AR) to create an impressive public art display. This will be the first activation of its kind in the City of Toronto! Find out more HERE.

While we already have 10 Window Wonderland partners who will be collaborating with the artists and animators to paint an AR design on their storefront, there is still an exciting opportunity for the rest of you to get involved in this year’s exhibition.


We encourage members to creatively decorate their storefronts (excluding painting) for the season to help beautify and add holiday cheer to the Junction.

As a BONUS, our team will be voting on the best-decorated window, and 3 WINNERS will be selected to receive advertising space at our Keele & Dundas Astral transit shelter in 2021. Prize value: $3,500 each. Daily exposure: 32K+ people.

We expect to see increased foot traffic in our neighbourhood in the coming months, with visitors paying close attention to each storefront. As such, this is an outstanding opportunity to gain exposure for your business by embracing the season. If there was ever a time to go above and beyond, it is now!

Another great way to bring customers into your business is via our Window Wonderland posters.

Looking for creative ideas for decorating your windows? Click the links below for some inspiration:


Shhhh! There’s a surprise in every poster! We are currently distributing 8×11″ Window Wonderland posters to each member business, which will be animated with art + music using the Augmented Reality technology.

By putting a poster up in your window, you will automatically be inviting patrons to look inside your business as they view the AR in action. If you haven’t received a poster yet, email us, and we will bring you one.

Once again, we encourage you to get creative with your storefront design. There is no hard deadline; however, with the launch of Window Wonderland on Saturday, November 14, we highly recommend you have a complete set-up by then so you may benefit from the promotion and publicity you will receive.

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