February 2024: Hacienda


2830 Dundas St W.

From a young age, Krystin Leigh Smith was interested in design and decor. She first thought of starting a business where she could show off her collection as a teenager. After a successful career working in film, magazines, and for non-profits, Krystin began a home decor store, Hacienda, in 2020. With its curated collection, Hacienda aims to help you create a space of joy, comfort, and beauty no matter where you hang your hat! As the embodiment of Krystin’s philosophy and passion for seeking beauty in the every day, turned into an experience, Hacienda was created to help you make your home into a personal haven with their complete selection of interior design products. For her business’s name, Krystin wanted something that spoke to her origins and embodied the mission of her business. As a native of Belize with family connections to Mexico and the Caribbean, Hacienda fits perfectly, as it is used throughout the region to mean estate or large home. This name speaks to Krystin’s desire to have everyone who shops there feel like their home is their personal Hacienda! 

As a small business owner, Krystin has loved creating something important to her and her values, which can also be enjoyed and give meaning to others. She finds much inspiration for innovative home decor at her other job, working as a prop stylist. She has styled everything from magazines to sets for Netflix series. Before starting Hacienda, Krystin worked for a charity, helping people experiencing homelessness find safe, affordable housing. Through these experiences, Krystin gained insights into the power of design and the meaning of having a comfortable, inviting place uniquely yours. 

The store is designed to feel cozy and warm, with lovely scented candles, warm lighting, and low-key music. The perfect place to escape from the hectic (cold!) outside and provide you with relaxing energy to help design inspiration strike. On the more practical side, you’ll find all the home decor you need to turn your space into a personal, unique home through lighting, rugs, furniture, art, home organization, and more. She’s particularly partial to their collection of vintage Turkish rugs as they’re all a unique and sustainable way to decorate. Hacienda also runs a journal with profiles of real homes styled with their products to help give you ideas and get inspired. And there’s also a variety of well-organized items suitable as gifts for other haciendas! 

Given her career choice, it won’t surprise you that Krystin enjoys antique hunting. She also enjoys watching horror movies and playing games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley to relax. When grabbing a quick bite in the Junction, her go-to is Cool Hand of a Girl. She particularly loves their Avocado Parm sandwiches and Central American/Mexican-inspired Yucca Fries. The years of running Hacienda have taught Krystin that home can be more than just four walls but a place of joy, comfort and beauty. Whether you live in a big house, a tiny apartment or just a single room, it’s possible to have the space of your dreams and Krystin and the entire team at Hacienda are here to help! 

You can find more information about products, sales, and recent arrivals on Hacienda’s website

Written by: James Watson

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