COVID-19 Stage 3 Reopening

As of Friday, July 31, 2020, Toronto has moved into Stage 3 of reopening. Below you fill find important information as to how this affects your business.

Province of Ontario Stage 3 Guidelines
PDF Link to Guidelines
The following may now open, with restrictions:
  • Gyms and fitness studios. No steam rooms or saunas yet permitted. 
  • Meeting and event spaces.
  • Live shows, performing arts, and movie theatres. 
  • Personal care services, including all services that tend to a customer’s face. 
  • Playgrounds. 
  • Recreational courses, including music lessons, language classes, tutoring, and art classes. 
  • All restaurants, bars, concession stands, and other food and drink establishments for indoor dine-in. No buffet service, night clubs, or indoor dancing yet allowed.

Additional Measure for Food & Drink Establishments
The City of Toronto has announced additional measures that Toronto restaurants and bars must follow to operate indoor service. The highlights include: 

  1. Ensure customers are seated at all times when in an indoor or outdoor area of the premises where food or drink is served or consumed except when a customer is entering or exiting the area, travelling to and from the premises’ washroom or paying;
  2. Ensure that the number of customers permitted to be inside the establishment at any one time is limited to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person; 
  3. Ensure that no more than 10 persons are seated at each table in an indoor or outdoor area;
  4. Maintain a customer log that…(see details below);
  5. Post a sign…providing notice to the public concerning the collection of the “customer information”;
  6. Establish a COVID-19 screening protocol to be applied to each employee before they start a shift that consists of at least a screening questionnaire in a form provided by Toronto Public Health. 



Indoor and Outdoor Events
In alignment with the Stage 3 expansion of gathering limits, Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture Division, in cooperation with Toronto Public Health, is announcing the release of COVID-19 Guidance for Indoor & Outdoor Events & Gatherings as well as supplemental webinar content. The associated webinar can be accessed HERE.

As Provincial and Municipal response to COVID-19 is frequently adapting in response to new information and scenarios please keep in mind that the information mentioned here is subject to change.
Please direct business sector related questions to the BusinessTO Support Centre.

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