April 2024: Andrea Bogdanovic Yoga

Andrea Bogdanovic Yoga

Hosts classes at Dance Together Studio at 10 Heintzman Street

From a young age, Andrea Bogdanovic always knew she wanted to start a business that reflected her passions, values and beliefs. Five years ago, after taking a yoga teacher training course, she knew that this was how she could create something of her own, help others, and fulfill her dream. To share the gift of yoga with everyone looking to focus on their well-being and improve their health or those who are searching for more in life, Andrea started her studio, Andrea Bogdanovic Yoga, in 2019. 

Andrea wanted her business to positively impact a progressive neighbourhood with a vibrant small business community. Choosing the Junction was, therefore, a natural choice, as Andrea has happy memories of living there. She particularly enjoys the Junction’s history and sense of community. Her experience as a Junction business owner has been great, and she loves how close-knit and supportive everyone is. 

Andrea offers many classes in different styles at her studio, such as vinyasa, hatha, restorative, and slow flows. She loves to immerse herself in the various kinds of yoga, learning about their philosophy and imparting what she knows and their benefits to others. Andrea enjoys teaching students of all different levels. The teaching journey has taught her that there are challenges and potential for growth for all those at all levels. She enjoys seeing her students grow and develop throughout their yoga journey, both on and off the mat. Andrea believes in a complete, holistic approach, knowing that everyone has to be mindful to discover the root of their issues to see positive change and growth. Andrea also frequently hosts yoga and wellness events, which have greatly helped her during challenging times. She knows these events are essential to give oneself the time and space to decompress and reflect, especially with our busy and stressful lives. 

In her spare time, Andrea loves learning and expanding her knowledge. Her favourite activities include painting and reading; she loves doing both to unwind after a busy day. Since becoming a small business owner, Andrea has received a lot of motivation and joy from teaching her students and creating something for herself. As with anything in life, challenges come with running a small business. However, Andrea doesn’t shy away from adversity but relishes it, knowing there’s always a life lesson to take away from the experience.

Andrea expresses immense gratitude to all her students for allowing her to teach yoga every day and fulfill her dreams. She treasures the feeling of achieving something related to her passion and efforts, a feeling that can’t be measured, and she will always hold it dear.  With her commitment to personal growth and perseverance—not to mention great yoga—we are delighted to have Andrea Bogdanovic Yoga in the Junction. 

You can check out Andrea’s Linktree and Instagram to find out more about her offerings and for the latest news and events.

Written By: James Watson

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