3-Day Paid Sick Leave Program

Important Information On 3-Day Paid Sick Leave Program

As an employer, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for payment up to a maximum of $200 per day for up to three (3) days per employee, made to an employee for paid infectious disease emergency leave taken under subsection 50.1.1(1.2) of the ESA. 

The reimbursements are run bi-weekly starting at the end of June. Processing of a complete, straightforward claim takes about two weeks. Claims that are incomplete or are complex will take longer.

This reimbursement program is accessible at https://ontario-covid19-worker-income-protection-benefit.ca/en. In order to apply for a reimbursement of leave paid to your employees, you must do so within 120 days of paying your employee, and to support your claim you will need to provide: 

  • Employee Name, Employee # and SIN
  • Employee Contact Information: Address, Phone #, Email
  • Date(s) of Sick leave / Nature of Claim Confirmation: No active WSIB claim relating to same days off work
  • Proof of Payment: e.g. Pay Stub
  • General Attestation

Employers will also need to provide:

  • Employer Name, Address, Phone #
  • Specific Worksite, and address (vs corporate address above)
  • Main Contact, Phone # & Email
  • Business Identifier: WSIB #, CRA # / BN9
  • Industry Classification: NAICS Code
  • Details of your existing sick leave program (# of days, $ per day)

Once you have submitted your claim, you will receive a claim confirmation number with which you can check your claim status. Payments will begin at the end of June and happen on a bi-weekly basis thereafter. The WSIB is aiming to process a claim within two weeks of approval, with payment depending on the complexity of the claim.

For more general information on eligibility criteria, how to apply and program rules, please visit Ontario.ca/COVIDworkerbenefit or call the Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit Information Centre 1-888-999-2248 (TTY: 1-866-567-8893).

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