Meet the Artists

Kseniya Tsoy

Kseniya Tsoy, aka @al.fergani, is a community-engaged mural artist originally from Uzbekistan and a recipient of the Newcomer Arts Award 2021 from the Toronto Arts Foundation. 

As a person of mixed heritage, cultural diversity is an excellent inspiration behind her work. Her murals are dedicated to the visual exploration of complex cultural identities and are inspired by folk motifs from diverse cultures that influenced her growing up. 

As a community-engaged artist, she is best known for her whimsical collaborative murals, where community members are engaged in all stages of the creative process. Kseniya uses vibrant colours, bold minimalist shapes and uplifting messages to create whimsical and playful paintings that inspire joy.

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Baboo Matsusaki

“I’m a curious person, and I’m always willing to learn new things, so when I started my trajectory (more than 15 years ago), my main focus was 3D modelling. However, my desire for new knowledge made me pass through several areas, working with 2D, 3D, Stop Motion and Live Action.”

Baboo Matsusaki has a small animation studio called Hilda, and today they find themselves in the management area. The technical knowledge they gathered through those years helped them immensely, as they managed and supervised large multidisciplinary teams with professionals at all levels. Additionally, they can coordinate complex projects that require a lot of experience in the area.

Baboo particularly likes working with art direction and direction in general. So in their spare time, they make collages on paper to take their mind off the computer and the digital world.

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