Meet the Artists

Adrianne Chan

Adrianne Chan, born and raised Toronto artist, has undergone formal art education specializing in sequential art. She is trained in traditional and digital art mediums and will use any materials available to make art that tells a story. Adrianne hopes to be able to make a lot of art that can help people have a better day. She is also hoping to be able to create art for a very long time. Check out her work on Instagram @TheAdrianneChan to see her most recent work.

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Takayuki Hibino

Takayuki Hibino is a contemporary art writer, pioneer and researcher of the holograms collage technique. In 1990, Takayuki invented the holograms collage technique, a new expression technique of visual arts that had never been seen before in visual arts. At Arbanato # 4, he exhibited the holograms collage work “SENSE,” which was the first attempt in the history of art, and was recognized as the world’s first expression technique and won the Jury Ito Junji Award. 1996, the 11th Nissho Memorial Received the grand prize at the exhibition.

Takayuki’s significant awards include:

  • – 1995 Parco Arbanato # 4 / Judge Junji Ito Award
  • – 1996 11th Nissho Memorial Exhibition Grand Prize
  • – 2022 Mellow Art Award 2022 Winner
  • – 2022 Artivive Canada & Austria 70th Anniversary International AR Art Competition 9th Place

His major exhibitions include:

  • – 1997 Shanghai in Dragon Exhibition Ai (Shanghai, China)
  • – 1999 Japan-India Art and Culture Exchange Exhibition (New Delhi et al., India ICCR)
  • – 2007 FUTURE exhibition – ARMA Museum ( Bali Indonesia)
  • – 2020 Holograms collage exhibition – Gallery Ginza One (Tokyo, Japan)
  • – 2021 Holograms collage exhibition – Synchro Art Foundation Ginza Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)


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