Animated Mural Sponsorship Opportunities

Elevate Your 2023/24 Sponsorship with AR!

Get involved with an extraordinary sponsorship opportunity that will allow your company to become associated with the transformative power of art. By sponsoring the year-round animated outdoor murals showcased at the Window Wonderland exhibition, you can enjoy unparalleled benefits while impacting our community. 

Exclusive association with captivating murals brought to life with AR: Your company will be associated with our four extraordinary murals, each a masterpiece in its own right. Through your sponsorship, these murals will come alive with the captivating and immersive experience of augmented reality (AR) technology, mesmerizing and engaging visitors throughout the year.

1. AR Masterpiece: Sponsor one of our extraordinary murals, brought to life with captivating AR technology, captivating visitors throughout the year.

2. Prominent Brand Exposure: Feature your logo on an 11×17-in AR instructional sign adjacent to your chosen mural, ensuring continuous exposure for at least one year.

3. NEW! Street-Level Brilliance: Unlock unparalleled visibility with logo recognition on our new 50×8-ft street-level billboard on Dundas St. W., generating 30,000+ daily impressions. Year-round ad value: $48,000.

4. Amplified Digital Presence: Shine on our AR app, website, and emails to reach our rapidly growing base of over 30,000 opt-in subscribers across all digital platforms.

5. Exceptional Advertising: Enjoy additional exposure with a 4×6-ft Window Wonderland event poster at a high-traffic transit shelter (Nov-Jan) plus receive an exclusive 4×6-ft promotional poster generating 30,000+ daily impressions. Four-month ad value: $16,000.

Your Investment: $5,000

By sponsoring any of these captivating murals, you will elevate your brand’s visibility and contribute to our community’s artistic and cultural enrichment. The transformative power of art can inspire, unite, and ignite change, and your sponsorship will play an integral role in this process.

To explore the sponsorship details, including investment and customization options, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to discuss how we can tailor this opportunity to align precisely with your brand’s objectives and create a truly impactful partnership.

Thank you for considering this remarkable sponsorship opportunity. Together, let’s unlock the potential of art and leave an indelible mark on the Junction community.

See available murals below and mock signage here

Available murals

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